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Inspections and Testing

Inspections and Testing

Chung & Vander Doelen Engineering Ltd. (CVD) has technicians and technologists that are experienced and equipped with the latest training and equipment. Our field staff are certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL). Our services include:

  • Field Compaction Testing and Control

    • Soil Compaction Testing
    • Engineered Fill Placement Monitoring
    • Asphalt Compaction Testing
    • Asphalt Placement Monitoring
  • Concrete, Mortar, and Grout Testing

    • Slump, Air, and Temperature Testing
    • Casting of Cylinders/Cubes
    • Non-Destructive Schmidt Hammer Testing
    • Raft Slab Monitoring (thermal couples)
  • Footing and Subgrade Inspection

    • Excavation/Footing Inspection
    • Road Subgrade Inspection
    • Floor Slab Subgrade Inspection
    • Engineered Fill Subgrade Inspection
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection

    • Inspect Reinforcing Steel Bar Placement to Confirm Compatibility with Drawings
    • Footing, Foundation Wall, Shear Wall, Floor Slabs, Columns, etc.
  • Structural Steel Inspection

    • Plumb and Torque Inspection
    • Welding Inspection (Completed by Certified Inspector)
    • Shop Drawing Review
  • Deep Foundation Inspection

    • Caisson Inspection
    • Helical Pier/Micro Pile Inspection
    • Rammed Aggregate Pier Systems and Geoconcrete Columns Inspection
  • Building Envelope Inspections

    • Roofing Inspection
    • Waterproofing Inspection
    • Air/Vapour Barrier Inspection
    • Spray Foam/Insulation Inspection
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging
    • Precast Concrete and Hollow Core Slab Inspection
    • Fire Stop and Fire Proofing Inspection
    • Intumescent Paint Inspection
    • Moisture Emissions Testing
    • Curtain Wall and Window Installation Inspection
    • Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) Inspection
    • Caulking
    • Architectural and Shop Drawing Review
  • Coring

    • Concrete Coring (Vertical and Horizontal)
    • Asphalt Coring
  • Bond Testing

    • Anchor Bolt Testing
    • Material Bond Testing (Concrete, Screeds, Repair Mortars, Epoxy Resin Coatings, Laminates, Plastics, Paints, Enamels, etc.)
  • Specification Review

    • Concrete Mix Design Review
    • Asphalt Mix Design Review

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